About Us


Hello lovely! My name is Gabrielle but I generally go by Gabby. I’m 23 years old and living in Tauranga. I’ve been making homemade natural skincare products since January 2019. I live with my boyfriend James and we’ve been happily together for 4 years. I can’t go a day without listening to music or having a strong coffee with two sugars. My amazing photographer happens to be my bestfriend (lucky me) and the models I have used have also been all my friends! I come from a family of self employed entrepreneurs (literally mum, dad, brother and sister), so it was destiny that I follow in their footsteps.

The common question I get asked is why skincare? I think it’s a girls dream to make her and her friends beauty products! But the heart of my business comes from a more sensitive place. I’ve battled with my skin since intermediate. Constant breakouts, uneven skin tone, and just dull looking skin. I invested hundreds of dollars in make up to cover up all my imperfections, which ironically was probably the biggest cause of them. I had tried so many different things to fix my skin. Pills, diet changes, face washes, proactiv, scrubs, masks, benzac, oils, serums and gels… you name it, I've tried it. Back then, natural skincare products weren’t very popular, especially for my age group. But oh how the times have changed.

I have always wanted to run my own business and was driven by the pursuit of finding a passion. I never wanted to attend uni, I hated school and couldn’t concentrate in class. I’ve always learnt better by actually doing something, so when I started Alimentary Beauty Co, I jumped in the deep end and taught myself pretty much everything I know today. It has come with a lot of trial and error and plenty of mistakes along the way. I have SUCH an incredible support system behind me and could not have accomplished what I have without them. Recently, I was featured in a Pop-Shop called “Smashed Avocados” down in Wellington! (WOW). It put into perspective how far I have already come in such a small amount of time, and how much further I can go! I always try to take time to reflect on my personal growth each month. Being your own boss can be tough sometimes, you have to give yourself the pep talks and be your own cheerleader! But I think that’s one of my favourite things about being a boss gal, I am constantly training my mental strength and passing on what I have learnt to whoever I can.

My ultimate goal is to provide women with the power to own their own skin and experience the shift to natural and pure. I aim to provide a perfectly crafted skincare range that is affordable and loving to your skin and our environment. I am always open to suggestions and tips! My dm’s are always open and I am always keen for a chat, no matter the day or the hour.