Lip Balm - Vanilla Custard

Lip Balm - Vanilla Custard

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Give your lips the TLC they deserve with this perfectly crafted blend of oil, wax and butter! She’s sweet, silky and utterly scrumptious! TEXTURE and CONSISTENCY was my main concern when developing this little pot of gold! I wanted alllll the gloss without the sticky (girls with long hair+wind=no deal). So I chose ingredients like Coconut Oil and Mango Butter which both have low melting points, so the balm quickly softens in your fingertips and gives your lips a lustrous feel while also restoring any damage. I also chose to use Beeswax for its AHHHHMAAAZING healing properties! Be gone chapped lips! Perfectly packaged in an aluminum tin, this little beauty makes the perfect companion to all you lippy lovers out there!


- coconut oil 

- shea butter

- mango butter 

- beeswax 

- vitamin e oil

- vanilla bean flavor oil